Phunnel (Chillum)

Phunnel (Chillum)

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Khalil Hookah Clay Chillum / Bowl

per piece

Product details

Compatible with any hookah

Absorbs good amount of heat

No awful smell after cleaning

Can be used with HMD

Generate Dense Smoke

Holds up-to 10-15gm of flavor

This chillum is basically the medium size version of Khalil Mamoon Hookah Clay Chillum. Also, it is easy to carry a product that comes with antique and elegant design. Such kind of products is made by skilled craftsmen. This product comes with the great fitting with all kinds of hookahs.

Heat Resistance:The clay material of this chillum is designed to absorb high temperatures which save flavor from heat. It allows good heat flow from charcoal and produces dense smoke.

No Awful Smell:You can easily clean or wash this chillum and didn’t allow previously used flavor fragrance to ruin your ongoing shisha session.

Dimensions:Upper: 3.5 inches Lower: 1.25 inches Depth: 1inches

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