Bazooka Handle Ice Chiller

Bazooka Handle Ice Chiller

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Bazooka Handle Ice Chiller

Color : Green

Premium hookah accessory

High quality coated hose handle

Ice Chiller Bazooka Handles available in multi-color.


Can be fit with silicon pipe and other PVC pipe as well.


The Bazooka handle is an accessory designed to cool the smoke of your hookah.


Just freeze the tip beforehand and attach it to the end of your silicone hose to obtain a refreshing smoke and thus enjoy an improved smoking experience.


Place the Bazooka Ice Tip in the freezer for a few hours then attach it to the end of the hose.


Bazooka is a highly demanding shisha accessory.


Note : Silicone pipe is not included with this handle (just for reference). 



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